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Dr Magnus Cormack, Clinical Psychologist

“Alloway’s new edition is exactly what we need – an antidote to books that focus on big ticket syndromes (autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome etc.) while neglecting the core processes that underlie them.”

psychology Today

“The Working Memory Advantage is at its best—and its best is very good—when the Alloways provide exercises to stretch working memory.”

Publishers Weekly

“A valuable guide for readers looking to put their minds to work.”


“Whether you want to hone your memory, manage stress & anxiety…this guide will help you build brain health into your everyday life.”

Center for special needs (Cesner)

“This publication provides practical examples, case studies, tips and pointers to enable practitioners in education to support…learners.”

dyslexia action

“This is a clearly written…providing valuable information about working an educational context. It is a 'must read' for all teachers.”

emory university

“The collection's strength is its breadth: essays cover how working memory is related to general intelligence, specific expertise, and decision making.”

support for learning

“The authors have written a guide for practitioners that is both highly practical, and yet based upon sound theoretical principles.”

oxford university

“This is a highly original book …It explores the role of working memory deficits in a wide range of developmental disorders .”