Parental Stress is linked to ADHD


Often when parents experience stress they show less warmth and comfort to their child. This makes them less attentive and connected to their child’s needs.

In our recent study with Head Start centers in Jax – we found that parental stress affected their child’s behavior. The more stress the parent reported, the more likely the child was to show ADHD-type behaviors, like hyperactivity and inattention.


1. Focus on the Positive

Studies show that keeping a gratitude journal can improve well-being and life-satisfaction. Instead of focusing on the negative behaviors of your child, think of something they did today that made you laugh or smile.

2. See the glass as half full

We surveyed over 4000 people and found that those who had a more optimistic outlook in look were less likely to feel depressed. So instead of feeling negative about a day that didn’t go as planned, think instead of how you will make it better tomorrow.

Tracy AllowayComment