Are you concerned about your son or daughter’s performance at school? Are they getting the support they need? Find out your child’s cognitive profile to ensure their learning needs are met.

If you live in the North Florida area, you can make an in-person appointment for a psychoeducational or gifted evaluation with me via Florida Psychological Associates.

Josh is a 4 year old boy from California. Here is his story, told by his mom.

“I am looking for someone that has worked on the tie between learning and working memory. It is the difference in my child’s life. My son has Autism and he was dropped from funding because they said he does not have a delay in learning. I have done so much research to find someone in CA (or the US) that has done extensive research on working memory and learning. When I read your publications…it all makes so much sense. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for corresponding with me. It really means so much to my family.”


After the consultancy:

I have great news! They received our exhibits and decided to qualify him. I believe it has everything do to with your report and information your supplied us and the fact that you were willing to testify for us. Thank you so much. You have helped in making a difference in Josh’s life.
— Josh's mom

I represented Jack, 11 years old in the UK to request for additional support for his learning needs. Jack has a diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger‘s Syndrome, as well as has specific learning difficulties. They won their case! Here is what his parents wrote after the tribunal.

We would like to thank you for attending [the Tribunal], you presented your facts very well and we feel that your involvement added a lot of weight to our arguments.
— Jack's parents

Here is Ruben’s story, as his mom tells it.

I am hoping that you can help me. My son is 10 years old and registered blind due to Leber’s Congenital Amourosis. He has an attention deficit disorder, marked impairment of the working memory and high functioning autistic spectrum disorder.

After contacting me, Ruben’s mother contacted me to let me know that they won their case for further support for their son. They received funding for their son to attend a school that could support his needs.

It is great news isn’t it. We are very pleased. Thanks for your help.
— Ruben's mom

Here is Charlie’s story, as told by his mom, UK

“I did want to talk to you / email you about my 7:3 year old son, who has unspecified learning difficulties.  He is receipt of School Action, and receives some differentiated work, but is not progressing. I would really value an assessment of his verbal, visual and spatial memory…what’s the best way of going about it?”

After the Consultancy 

Thank so much, this is a very, very accurate reflection of my son’s needs.  Hopefully he will, as a result, recieve more individualised, tartgeted support.
— Charlie's mom