Are Women more Emotional Decision Makers?

Women tend to describe themselves as emotional decision makers. Dr. Alloway conducted an experiment to discover if women would become more prone to making emotional decisions under pressure. She asked women to make a difficult decision (along the lines of sacrificing one person’s life to save many others.) Many women reacted emotionally, saying they simply could not make that difficult decision. 

Dr. Alloway then put the women under stress by asking them to count backward from 100 by sixes (100, 94, 87, etc.) After about a minute, she then asked them to make another difficult decision. Most women were able to make a more utilitarian decision (one that rationally considered the greater good, rather than personal emotions) under pressure. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

ADHD Brain: Boys vs Girls

Scientific research has now indicated that the brains of girls and boys with ADHD can be very different.In a recent brain imaging study, the differences showed up in the primary motor cortex, a part of the brain responsible for controlling basic motor functions for boys. In girls with ADHD, the differences appeared in the prefrontal regions of the brain, which control motivation and ability to regulate emotions, the study authors said.

ADHD & Learning

Tips to manage ADHD: Let them wiggle (this is from my recent textbook that I edited)

WHY? For the student with ADHD – the movement has a purpose – it helps them focus and stay attentive to a task. In the student with ADHD, certain parts of the brain are less active  - like the prefrontal cortex – which is responsible for working memory and attention. The extra physical movement can increase activity and result in improved learning.

Female brain & Altruism: Top tips

Two tips to increase prosocial and altruistic behavior:

1) Practice self-control
Empathy (imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes) is a precursor to altruistic behavior. Brain imaging research has recently report that empathy is linked to self-control in the the brain (right temporoparietal junction; rTPJ). What does this mean? Researchers speculate that self-control is a “kind of temporal selflessness”. The Present You” makes a decision to help Future You.

2. Find a community
In my own research at UNF, we found that when people had a general sense of belonging in their community, they were more likely to show prosocial (showing concern for others, etc), even in their online social media behaviors (example: they were more likely to engage positively with social media posts rather than argumentatively).

Female Brain & Mental Health

Women are twice as likely to experience mental health issues. A new study sheds light on why this is. Women’s brains are wired differently. A part of the brain called the locus coeruleus is responsible in part for producing a hormone called norepinephrine. A deficit of this hormone is related to depression, anxiety, even trouble sleeping. In fact the female brain has 3x more receptors associated with stress and depression – which can explain why they are more likely to be affected.

Female Brain: Memory tip

Girls are often encouraged to elaborate more when they recall information, which is thought to be linked to better memory. It’s based on the idea of ‘retrieval cues’ – we have more sticky points and details to help remember. So give lots of details to boost your memory.

#FemaleBrain: Memory & Exercise

#Protip to keep your #memory sharp: #Exercise after learning

One study found that women who did just 5 minutes of low-impact cardio exercise (like step exercise) immediately after learning had better memory than women who took part in a non-exercise activity.

#FemaleBrain - Memory over time

Memory loss is part of the aging process with approximately 75% of older adults reporting memory-related problems. Women are found to be disproportionately at risk for memory impairment and dementia compared with men. In a recent study of men and women aged between 45 to 55 years, women outperform age-matched men on all memory measures, although memory declined for the older females.

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Optimism and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness month. In my research of over 3000 people across the lifespan, I found that an optimistic outlook can keep depressive symptoms at bay, whether you are 16 years old or 60 years old.

So what is optimism? In my study, optimism was captured by the idea that you have a positive and hopeful view of your future. Watch below for 3 ways to boost your optimism.